The Mission

I find myself constantly wasting away my evenings, either on the computer or watching TV.  When I say I want balance, I mean I want to balance out my life.  Spend time caring for my body and my soul.  Of course, there will be times I still watch TV.  I’m not trying to go cold turkey.  This isn’t a full media ban.  This blog is just me, telling you about my experiences; trying to navigate setting boundaries for myself and trying to stay graceful and easy with the process.

I’m on a mission for a balanced life, but more intimately, I’m on a mission to find inner happiness. Inner peace.

I don’t think it’s just some hokey concept. I also don’t think it’s easy. It takes more guts then I’ve had to date. It takes more gusto, more vigour, more enthusiasm, more love for one’s self then I thought I’d ever have. And I’m going to attempt it.

Follow me. It’s a life-long journey. The journey, in the end, is the goal. Happiness is found in every smile, can be chosen with every breath. It’s not a destination, it’s a state of being. I’m going to try to be free. To be happy and free. Yes!


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