Well let’s start with the basics.  I’m 20 years old.  I live on the beautiful west coast of Canada.  I work in a privately owned business, one of (if not the) biggest kayak rental shops and kayak schools in Canada.  Currently I’m doing accounts management, while my colleague is on maternity leave.

My education thus far (in the traditional sense) has been just high school – I graduated with honours as the first female to graduate from my alternative school.  My school life was varied – I never went to one school more then 2 years – first because we moved a lot, then because I wanted to find a program that fit.  I think I would like to do post-grad schooling, but not yet.  Not until I figure out what I want to do professionally, and in general with my life.

In the non-traditional sense of education, I also have experience.  I’ve completed a two year program called “Level 6 – Teacher Training” at Lightwork, and done one year of Level 7.  Level 7 is a three year program, 35 hours a week.  I’m currently taking a year off to re-sort my life, but hope to re-join next year for year two.  I’ve been doing Lightwork meditation lessons for 6 years now, and I’m still learning how to meditate!  I’ve done this dynamic before, I used to do dance lessons, and I’d do lessons for years but never practice at home, and never saw the full potential I had.  Same with singing and piano, lessons were often the only time I played/sung.  So I’ve done that with meditation, but now I want to have a practice for myself.  I want to live a more spirit focused life.

I’ll take a moment right now to also mention that this blog is in no way the voice of Lightwork – it’s me.  Please don’t take what I’m saying as Lightwork opinion, because it is only mine to claim.  Although I’ve done the teacher’s training class, I’m not teaching anyone until I get my own practice sorted out!  If you want to learn or are curious, I’d recommend contacting Lightwork or visiting their website at


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