It’s been awhile – I do too much social media!

GAH! I can’t keep myself focused on one… I do too many!  So I’m going to post a link up in case you also have too many formats in which you socialize or externally think. 🙂

Blog = here!
instagram = jeaniniebeanie
tumblr = jel-gettingfit
fitocracy = Jeaninie (just started)
facebook = Jeaninie (friends only – down to 150!)
twitter = Jeaninie
LinkedIn = Jeanine
Pinterest = jeaniniebeanie

Join me if you already use some of these alternative ways of communicating, but honestly don’t join anything new.  Having too much social media can waste away your days!

My update – I’ve been working out lots, loving it! Trying to eat healthy, I’ve cut waaaaaay down on carbs (which isn’t to say I think you need a low carb or no carb diet to be healthy, just that I was eating bread for lunch and pasta for dinner and I wanted to get more variety and vegetables going on).  I’ve been meditating most days, although I’m really wanting to meditate every day.

I’ll try to get on updating more often again – this is where I post updates on my journey in the big picture sense.  Each other site is a distraction or a single focus website.  I want to stay focused on the big picture, the balance that is forever my goal. 🙂

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