New Year, New You

This is my second attempt at a new me.  The first obviously started when I started this blog – I wanted to change my habits and my life, and to some degree I have.  I’m wanting to change more though, and I’m going to consider this new year a second chance at a new start.

My meditation space has been growing all fall.  Unfortunately, I’ve had a break from classes and it seems like it’s also affected my home meditation space, but I’m hoping to hop back on the horse, as of this morning.  Before the break I had gotten to a space where I was meditating almost every day, and often for 20 minutes.  This sounds like nothing to me, and I’m almost embarrassed to admit that’s all, but at the same time it feels like a huge achievement.  I’ve been wanting this for years, and never let myself have it before.  I’ve been waking up at 6am to do my meditation first thing, and I’m hoping to continue doing that.

I’m also wanting to focus on a healthier lifestyle.  I’ve started counting my calories, something I never thought I’d do (I’m using, and it’s fantastic if you want something like it).  I’m going to bring more awareness to my eating habits, and I’m trying to cut out gluten, cut down on carbs, and eat more meats and veggies.  Yes, you heard right, meat.  I’m eating meat again, although the only meat that is going to enter my kitchen came from an animal that didn’t live in a cage or a crate – it had an enriched environment (and I’ll pick one from an outdoor environment if available).  It will have no hormones or antibiotics.  If you want to know why I eat this way, please watch Food Inc.

I’ve started working out, as well. Not a lot, not to intensely, but consistently.  I’m hoping to make a real change to my lifestyle, this isn’t going to be some fad where I go to the gym religiously for 2 weeks then never again.  I got a tablet for Christmas  and I’ve set myself up so that my TV watching time is also my cardio workout – genius!  If I want to watch TV, I work out – otherwise I can read, clean, or do something else productive with my life.

I’ll keep you updated on this next phase, this next chapter.  This is me going back to the focus of this blog – balance – it feels good.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

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