My Poor Poor Laptop… :(

My laptop is having some problems.

I do have a desktop, but I have quite a few things that now take a lot more time, and that I have to do before Tuesday, so I won’t probably be able to blog until after my trip.

Yup! I’m going on a trip! From Tuesday afternoon through Friday. 🙂 With some co-workers… should be fun!

I’ll give you the love-life update, although I really shouldn’t (I still want to move away from talking about boys).  I may or may not have gotten a peck on the… mouth! the other day.  It was pretty hilarious though, because I thought he was going for the cheek and it got a bit flustery.

I’m just focusing on taking things just as slow as they need to go, and not worrying! If he doesn’t like me, who cares?! If I say something funny, am overbearing, am too much this or that, WHO CARES?! 🙂 I am what I am and if he doesn’t like it then no worries, that didn’t work.  I’m not at a point in my life where I’m going to change for someone else, I’m done with that. Yay!

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