A Sunny, Productive Morning


This morning has been fantastic!  So far, I’ve done my meditation (a short one, just clearing my energy), washed my face (even though I had a shower last night!!), exfoliated, moisturized, and made myself a lovely breakfast that I’m now sitting in the sun enjoying.  I feel productive!  I’m actually doing the things I want to be doing!

D and I are back to our original agreement, we’re friends first, romantic second, intimate third, and not exclusive.  We agreed on what we’re allowed to share with each other (no information on other partners/dates) and how to go about ending things if they ever need to end.  That also felt very productive, although that was 2 nights ago now.  It feels more grounded now, we know the rules and boundaries, and how to avoid hurting one another unintentionally.

I haven’t yet told you, but I also have a crush on a co-worker, S.  Tonight is a work get-together, and I may try to broach the subject of us going out sometime… eeeek!  I’ll keep you updated.

This weekend, the plan is to finally clean out my room and create systems.  Put in the book shelves and hang the photo’s.  I’ll post photo’s upon completion. 🙂

Enjoy the last of summer!  What are you excited to get finished this weekend?

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